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Build Net Applications with capabilities to View & Annotate PDF, HTML, MS Office and other document formats without installing any external software.

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GroupDocs.Annotation Net API is a product that allows you to work with annotations in documents on different platforms and operating systems, such as Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows. GroupDocs.Annotation provides a library with simple API that gives many advantages: for example, if you need to keep the data confidential or choose how much power you need to work with the library, or partially change the work with annotations, the library is very lightweight and flexible.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Net API allows you to work with different types of annotations, which includes: Text, Polyline, Area, Underline, Point, Watermark, Arrow, Ellipse, Text Replacement, Distance, Text Field, Resource Redaction etc. And supports most popular documents formats such as: PDF, HTML, Microsoft Office Word, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Visio, Outlook emails, images, metafiles, CAD drawing and various other formats. The API provides the ability to get thumbnails of document pages and supports importing and exporting annotation to and from PDF files.

Using library, you can add, edit, extract and delete annotations from documents, rotate documents, change thumbnails solution and this is not a complete list of all the possibilities. It also offers a comprehensive set of data objects to customize annotation properties as per your requirements within all supported document formats.

Working with the GroupDocs.Annotation for Net API is very simple and consists of just a few basic steps. At first you need to setup a license, then select the file which you want to work with, then manipulate somehow with document annotations (delete/edit/extract/delete) and save the result. For more information please see product documentation or our examples set.

GroupDocs.Annotation is regularly updated and provides support for its customers, you are always welcome to ask us a questions or send your ideas or tell us about your needs for something new and we will gladly implement it in our new versions.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Net Features

Support for Multiple Types of Annotation

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET enables you to work with various types of annotations. This gives freedom and ease of communication while collaborating with your team on tasks. You can use annotations, such as, area annotation (mark an area as rectangle and add notes to it), point annotation (stick comments at any point in document), text annotation (add comment to selected text), strikeout/underline annotation (applied to a paragraph), polyline annotation (draw shapes and freehand lines), arrow annotation (arrow pointer with attached comments), ellipse annotation (display text inside the ellipse), distance annotation (draw a line that represents distance among objects), link annotation (add web links to supported document formats), and watermark annotation (text stamp or watermark can be added in document).

// Initialize list of AnnotationInfo
List<AnnotationInfo> annotations = new List<AnnotationInfo>();
// Initialize text annotation
AnnotationInfo textAnnotation = new AnnotationInfo
  Box = new Rectangle((float)265.44, (float)153.86, 206, 36), Type = AnnotationType.Text 
// Add annotation to list
// Get input file stream
Stream inputFile = new FileStream("D:/input.pdf", FileMode.Open, File
// Export annotation and save output file
CommonUtilities.SaveOutputDocument(inputFile, annotations, DocumentType.Pdf);

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Annotation offers document viewing APIs for other popular development environments

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