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Native Java API to Integrate Document Conversion Functionality in Java Applications, Supporting 80+ Document & Image File Formats.

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GroupDocs.Conversion for Java combines a powerful set of document conversion APIs to display images and document formats in your Java applications without needing to install additional software. It natively rasterizes the documents and converts them into SVG+HTML+CSS to enhance the quality of document viewing while delivering a true-text, high-fidelity output. Using the document rendering API – quickly view PDF, HTML, XML, Microsoft Office Word, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook emails, Visio diagrams, Project, metafiles, images and various other file formats with ease and fewer programming hazards. It can also display password-protected files and allow to get document representation as HTML, image or PDF form after the rendering. Our file conversion library is quite customizable, as it allows you to display the whole document, or render it partially to speed up the process. Through GroupDocs.Conversion for Java API, you can view pages, specific cell range in a spreadsheet or even render an individual document layer in formats, such as, PDF and CAD.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java API allows you to render documents with/without annotation or comments for supported file formats. It also enables you to add custom font directories and extract basic document information such as FileType, Extension, Name, PageCount, etc.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java is compatible with all Java versions and supports popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS) that are capable to run Java runtime.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java Features

Read Document from URL or Path for Conversion

Using GroupDocs.Conversion for Java API, you can read input document from a file path as well as a URL. While you can save the output document as a file or sent the output directly into a stream.

Easy Document Format Conversion using Java

You can convert file format of a multitude of document types using GroupDocs.Conversion for Java API. Here you are presented with a few lines of code to perform a basic document conversion using Java.

ConversionConfig config = new ConversionConfig();
//set storage folder

ConversionHandler conversionHandler = new ConversionHandler(config);
ImageSaveOptions saveOptions = new ImageSaveOptions();
PsdOptions psdOptions = new PsdOptions();
ConvertedDocument result = conversionHandler. convert(sourceFileName, saveOptions); + "." + result.getFileType());

Comprehensive Technical Support

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java is a simple and to-the-point API that you can integrate into your Java-based applications pretty easily. However, to get you up and running in no time, we also provide easy to follow code samples and comprehensive API documentation.

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Conversion offers document viewing APIs for other popular development environments

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