Java API for multi-format document conversion

Convert format to format - conversion APIs lets you convert all common business document formats within any Java based application

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Java document conversion API

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java


GroupDocs.Conversion for Java is a lightweight multi-format document conversion API designed as a middle-ware for Java applications. It allows you to enhance your app with the capability to convert back and forth over 50 document and image file formats.

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Advanced Document Conversion API Features



Over 50 file formats supported


Fast and accurate document conversion


High quality output files


Flexible File Path Handling


Easy Integration


Possibility to convert specific pages


File IO though Java stream with auto detect source file type


Report conversion progress


Add text as watermark to converted document


Convert Html to Image


Count total pages of a document


Return all possible conversions from file extension or stream


Metered licensing


Dedicated Technical Support

Flexible File Path Handling

The input documents can be read from a URL or a file path, while output documents can be either saved to a file or sent directly into streams - the library automatically provides you with paths to each saved file/stream

Easy Integration

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java API can easily be integrated with just few lines of code.

Document conversion - Java

 // Setup Conversion configuration
ConversionConfig config = new ConversionConfig();
 // Initailize ConversionHandler
ConversionHandler conversionHandler = new ConversionHandler(config);
WordsSaveOptions saveOption = new WordsSaveOptions(); //Define save options
//Convert and save
ConvertedDocument convertedDocumentPath = conversionHandler.<String>convert("sample.pdf", saveOption); +"." + convertedDocumentPath.getFileType());

Dedicated Technical Support

To help you get up and running quickly, we offer comprehensive code samples and free technical support during integration period. We are also open to work with you on custom implementations to adapt the library to your specific needs.

Support and Learning Resources


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