Support Options

Support Options

Technical support is an issue that Aspose takes very seriously. Software must work quickly and dependably. When problems arise, developers need answers in a hurry. We ensure that our clients receive useful answers and solutions quickly.

Free Technical Support

Technical support is free. Whether you are an existing customer or just evaluating an Aspose component, we are here to help. Our free support is handled through our Technical Support Forums which are maintained by our support teams. Our support developers are expert in Aspose APIs and know them like no one else. They are here to help you and provide you the best possible support.

Priority Support

Many of our customers need prioritized support and reliable Service Level Agreements (SLA). Our standard support model does not cater for customers who are on a tight deadline or who need a lot of attention as well as we would like. Priority Support is a fairly priced option for customers that need more dedicated support. Find out more about Priority Support.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support gives our enterprise customers the chance to engage directly, either by email or telephone, with the Aspose Product Management team and help shape our product development roadmap. We find that enterprise customers need extra support and attention. It is important that they can influence how Aspose's product range meets their needs and demands. Find out more about Enterprise Support.

Sponsored Support

Occasionally, an Enterprise customer needs a feature or functionality that is not on the road map. If it is crucial to them, they can put it on the road map using Sponsored Support. This option allows Enterprise Support customers to commission functionality development. This ensures that our products do exactly what our enterprise customers need them to do, on a timescale that fits with their internal plans. Find out more about Sponsored Support.

Support by Phone

We do not offer phone support. Our development teams are located all over the world, in many different countries and time zones. This makes it very difficult for us to provide support by phone. The support forums are monitored continuously by our distributed teams. If we had a support team with a dedicated phone line, this would not be the case. It is our belief that online support gives you a better service.

Support by Live Chat

We do not provide technical support through live chat. The technical queries require more time to investigate the customer issues which is not possible via live chat. Also our teams are located in different countries and time zones which makes offering live chat support difficult for us. We provide all the technical support through our support forums which are monitored continuously by our support teams. The support forums help us track, collaborate, and communicate customer issues more effectively. We make sure that you get the best support through our forums.

More Questions?

Read our support FAQs for answer to the most common questions our customers have about support, find out more about enhanced support, or contact our sales team to get answers to specific questions about support.