Priority Support

Priority Support

At Aspose, we pride ourselves on the quality of our technical support. We put a huge amount of effort into our support operation to ensure that our customers get the help they need. 

We run our support service in a very fair “first come, first served” basis. Users post issues in the support forums, and the support team answer them in the order they come in. We never prioritize customers on name or size. This model works very well for the vast majority of our customers.   

As Aspose has grown we have an increasing number of customers who need prioritized support. These customers often have needs linked to a deadline and require extra attention to help solve any problems. Our standard support model does not cater for these customers as well as we would like. To help them, we introduced Priority Support

Priority Support Benefits

Priority support builds on our free support service but gives its users access to the following benefits.

  • 24 hour guaranteed initial response time during weekdays.
    High availability, there when you need us.

  • Access to our private Priority Support ticket system. Post up to 6 incidents per year.
    Post your issues knowing that they are at the top of the queue.

  • Assign multiple accounts access to the Priority Support ticket system.2
    Allow members of your team access to the Priority Support ticket system.

  • Issue escalation to product development teams.
    Direct access to the developers who build our products.

  • Hotfixes delivered to address your issues.1
    Product updates to fix issues outside the normal release schedule.

  • One simple purchase.
    One Priority Support purchase covers all your Aspose products with valid subscriptions.


Still unsure if Priority Support is for you? Read our enhanced support FAQ.


Priority support is offered to customers on our Developer license types (Developer Small Business and Developer OEM). Site license customers are offered Enterprise support.

Buying support gives you access to the enhanced support option for a year.

You can buy Priority Support when renewing a subscription, or when you buy a license. If you are part way through a subscription and wish to buy Priority Support please contact our sales department.


Priority support is priced based on the license types you hold:

  • Developer Small Business license: $499.00

  • Developer OEM license: $1,497.00

If you have several licenses and products, you only need to buy one support subscription to cover all products; we only support products that have valid product subscriptions. Priority Support is priced for the highest-value license type.

How do I access the Priority Support ticket system?

If you have purchased Priority Support, you can access the Priority Support ticket system at


Priority Support guarantees an initial response within 24 hours of an issue being raised during business days. We cannot guarantee a complete resolution in this timescale but you will get an assessment of the issue. Where we can, we provide simple fixes and work-arounds immediately. Issues that demand a fix can take longer. Hotfixes can be provided in consultation with the customer. Large fixes are prioritized and fed into the normal product development cycle. No guarantee can be made to the delivery date of the fix.

Access to the Priority Support ticket system is limited to the account that the subscription was purchased under. At this time no other accounts can be associated with a Priority Support purchase.

Priority Support is subject to a fair usage policy of 6 incidents being raised in any 365 day period. (By incident we mean a new Priority Support ticket opened in the Priority Support ticket system.) If several unrelated incidents are opened in one Priority Support ticket then these are split into separate tickets and each counts towards your usage quota.

These conditions are subject to change without notice.

Aspose reserves the right to discontinue technical support for all or individual products at any time.

1 Hotfixes and feature requests, if supplied, are only built on the latest version of the product in question. Versions other than the latest version of the software are not supported in this way.

2 First account will be the account the Priority Support subscription is purchased under, please contact our sales department to activate additional accounts.