Sponsored Support

Sponsored Support

Our Sponsored Support service provides Enterprise Support customers an opportunity to engage with our team and discuss the inclusion and delivery of their strategically important requirements into our products. While an approved Sponsored Support project can ensure features or other urgent requirements you have make it onto our roadmap which otherwise might not, it does not guarantee we can meet any urgent timescales.

Sponsored Support Benefits

Sponsored Support includes the following benefits:

  • Discuss your needs and requirements with our team
    Has your organization's request already been raised under Enterprise Support but has a low priority so delivery is in doubt?  Sponsored support can help ensure your requirements are given a place on our development roadmap.

  • Direct input into the development process
    Work directly with our team to define your needs and requirements.

  • Agreed requirement specification
    A member of our team will produce a project specification document to capture your requirements and how we intend to fulfill them so the direction development will take is clear up-front.  This specification document will be the basis of the Sponsored Support project.

  • Incremental delivery and regular updates
    We follow an agile development process so your requirements will be delivered incrementally, sometimes over several public releases.  You will receive regular updates on the status of your project and where sensible private releases to ensure the features match your expectations before final release. 

Raise any issues you find with the delivered software directly in our Enterprise Support Forum which provides a clear and open communication channel for issues.


Sponsored Support is only available to Enterprise Support customers.


Each piece of requested functionality is unique so pricing is specific to each project. Please contact us to arrange a discussion with one of our team to explore your requirements and if it is a suitable project give you an estimated project cost.


The Sponsored Support service gives Enterprise Support customers the opportunity to commission functionality development directly within the Aspose product range. This does not mean that the customer owns the new functionality or the code associated with it. The Sponsored Support service should be viewed as a route to ensure functionality development within the Aspose products, not a way to accelerate development of a feature to meet a short-term timescale.