.NET API to Manage & Manipulate Metadata

Build .NET Applications to Read, Edit, Remove, Retrieve, Search, Compare, Replace and Export Metadata Information of all Popular Documents & Image File Formats.

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GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET API is easy to integrate with C#, ASP.NET and other .NET based applications to help your end-users manipulate metadata from a range of images, documents and other media file formats without installing any external software. The .NET metadata library supports building tools to quickly add metadata viewer, editor, remover, extractor, comparison and exporter functionalities within a number of industry standard document formats such as PDF, Microsoft Office Word, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook emails, Project, Visio diagrams, OneNote, images, AutoCAD, Photoshop, audio, video and metafiles.

The Metadata API is very flexible and easy to operate with. It gets the document file as input, analyses the metadata information, allows to perform supported meta data operations and save the modified file to access quickly in future use. It works with most notable metadata standards such as built-in, XMP, EXIF, IPTC, Image Resource Blocks, ID3 and custom metadata properties. Through GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET API, you can also compare two documents to identify differences and similarities present in their metadata properties. You can also export metadata of required documents to Excel, CSV or DataSet.

GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET can be used to develop applications in any development environment that targets .NET platform. It is compatible with all .NET based languages and supports popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) where Mono or .NET frameworks (including .NET Core) can be installed.

GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET Features

Quickly Fetching Metadata Properties

Using GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET API, manipulating any sort of metadata for supported file formats is pretty straight forward business. Following piece of code demonstrates how easy it is to remove Photoshop metadata from a JPEG file using C#:

using (var metadata = new GroupDocs.Metadata.Metadata("sample.jpeg"))
  var root = metadata.GetRootPackage();

Retrieval and Manipulation of Hidden Data

GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET provides a handy mechanism to fetch and remove hidden data in PDF as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. You can manipulate comments, merge fields, hidden pages, form fields, annotations and more.

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Metadata offers document viewing APIs for other popular development environments

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