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GroupDocs.Search for Java allows you to produce business applications that allow your end-users to perform search operations like never before. Our Java API enables users to operate basic to advanced level text search functions. Create and merge multiple indexes. Use Simple, Boolean, Regular Expression (Regex), Fuzzy and other types of queries to rapidly and smartly search through indexes. You can fetch your required information, from files, documents, emails, and archives, as GroupDocs.Search for Java supports all popular file formats.

GroupDocs.Search for Java Features

Indexing and Search Operation

Indexing is used by GroupDocs.Search for Java to collect data, as well as store and parse it for accurate and efficient search operations. GroupDocs.Search for Java uses such Indexes frequently for performing search.

  • Create Index: Create Index folder and add/index documents to that folder.
  • Load Index: Load an existing Index.
  • Add Documents to Index: Add documents to existing Index, asynchronously.
  • Update Index: Update existing Index, whenever a document is modified, added or deleted. This keeps search results up to date.
/ Creating index
Index index = new Index("c:\\MyIndex");
// Adding documents to index
// Searching for words 'affect' or 'effect' in a document with 'principal', 'principle', 'principles', or 'principally'
SearchResults results ="?ffect & princip?(2~4)");

Merge Multiple Indices to Improve Search Efficiency

GroupDocs.Search for Java API provides the feature to merge multiple indexes into a common index. For an index which is modified frequently, several delta indexes are created. This approach however, makes the search performance slow. GroupDocs.Search for Java overcomes this bottle-neck by creating one common index through merging various delta indexes. This common merged index contains all the information of the merged delta indexes. This approach keeps the delta indexes unchanged while remarkably improving the search efficiency. You can configure various functionalities to further tweak this process.

Recognize Search Queries of Different Keyboard Layout

GroupDocs.Search for Java recognizes search queries that do not match your keyboard layout. At the moment, 88 languages and 164 different keyboard layouts can successfully be recognized by GroupDocs.Search for Java.

Search Using Morphological Word Form

Using GroupDocs.Search for Java, you have freedom of searching for various word forms. You may search for singular and plural form of specific noun. Or you can choose to search all forms of a verb. Root, third-person singular and simple past along with various other forms can also be searched. For non English languages, you can configure customized word forms.

Support and Learning Resources

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