.NET Merger APIs - Merge multiple files into a single document

Split, remove, reorder and combine pages along with security features of a supported format within .NET applications

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.NET Document Merger API

GroupDocs.Mergerfor .NET


GroupDocs.Merger for .NET is a full-featured, native API to manipulate and merge documents within any .NET application. It permits developers to develop applications with the ability to merge multiple documents into a single one. It allows to split, reorder, remove or combine pages to a document of supported format. API also manages security features with password protection capability to remove or set passwords to any supported document.

Advanced Document Merger API Features



Combine multiple files into single file


Split single file to multiple documents


Arrange documents in any order


Add blank pages into existing document


Rotate and reorder pages


Remove pages from document

Integrating Merger API

Merging API Integation is simple for all of its features. Here are just few code lines to remove pages.

Removing Pages - C#

DocumentResult result = new DocumentHandler().RemovePages(sourceFile, pages);
Stream documentStream = result.Stream;

Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Merger offers document combining APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: