.NET API to Merge & Split Documents

API to Combine, Split, Swap, Trim or Remove Documents, Slides and Diagrams in .NET Applications

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.NET Document Merger API

GroupDocs.Mergerfor .NET


GroupDocs.Merger for .NET, assists you to rapidly develop top-class business applications in C#, ASP.NET and other .NET technologies. Just a few lines of code will enable your .NET applications to combine, split, rearrange, swap, trim and remove single page or a collection of pages, slides or diagrams. Perform these operations on secure files by setting or removing password protection of known and unknown file formats.

By using GroupDocs.Merger for .NET, you can perform merging; splitting and other related operations on single documents as well as a batch of documents. Programmatically stitch files of all popular formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, TXT, CSV and eBook format of EPUB.

GroupDocs.Merger for .NET Features



Combine & merge multiple pages, slides & diagrams into a single document


Split and break large documents into multiple smaller files


Rearrange, shuffle and reorganize pages, slides or diagrams


Swap and exchange two pages, slides or diagrams with each other within a document


Trim document by removing specific pages, slides or diagrams


Remove single or collection of pages, slides or diagrams


Stitch together large number of documents in batches


Programmatically check if a document is secured with password


Set, reset and remove password of known and unknown document formats


Fetch list of supported file formats


Rotate pages of known & unknown formats


Change page orientation of known & unknown formats

Remove Desired Pages from Documents

GroupDocs.Merger for .NET API helps you delete unwanted pages from your document.

Check Password of Unknown Document Format

GroupDocs.Merger for .NET API enables you to check password of a document whose format is not known.

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GroupDocs.Merger offers document combining APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: