Document Comparison REST API

RESTful API for comparing different versions of a document and visualizing found differences with a Change Tracking view, all from within your web app or site

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Document Comparison REST API

GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud


GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud API provides a one-stop-shop solution for comparing documents in all common business formats. Supported file types include: PDF and Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, plain text and others.

Differences found between compared documents are visualized in a web-based interface using an intuitive “Change Tracking” view. The UI can be easily customized and embedded into any workflow, allowing users to compare documents without leaving your site.

Advanced Document Comparison REST API Features



Multiple file formats support


Native Word files comparison


Cross-platform compatibility


Easy integration into any workflow


Accurate content comparison


Flexible deployment options

Easy Integration into any Workflow

Extensive API allows you to integrate GroupDocs.Comparison into any Document Management System (DMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, or other 3rd party cloud services. Check out our marketplace and plugins for storage service providers to see a list of existing integrations available to our customers to date.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Being a SaaS solution, GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud doesn’t require any installations on the server or client side. The web-based GUI can be easily customized and embedded to any web application or site using a simple iframe.
  • Our SDKs (available for: .NET, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby) allow you to configure GroupDocs.Comparison quickly and with minimum coding.
  • If you prefer on-premises deployment, please also consider our downloadable GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET library.

Accurate Content Comparison

Irrespective of the file format, GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud API is able to identify changes in literally all document elements, including texts, lines, boxes, margins, etc. This allows users to get complete details of all changes made to the document: texts, font types and styles, page headers, footers and overall layout – all are precisely analyzed and reported when differences are found.

Advanced Word Files Handling

GroupDocs.Comparison allows users to accept/reject changes found when comparing two Microsoft Word documents and then get a resulting file either in a DOC/DOCX or PDF format. When comparing Word documents, they can also be merged and exported to a new file along with differences highlighted using Word’s native “Track Changes” feature

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Being a RESTful API, GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud can be used with any programming language, including .NET, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby. And the web-based UI lets your users compare documents from any web-enabled device, all without having to install any office suites.

Supported Browsers
  • IE8+
  • Chrome
  • Chrome for Android
  • Firefox
  • Firefox for Android
  • Opera
  • Opera Mini
  • Opera for Android
  • Safari 5+
  • Mobile Safari
Supported Devices
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • PC
  • Mac

Intuitive Web-Based GUI

An intuitive user interface, implemented as a web-based widget, can be seamlessly customized and integrated into your own web app or site. The UI displays compared documents using a redline change tracking view approach. With the help of the UI, end users can:

  • Upload documents for comparison.
  • See a list of all differences found and quickly navigate between them.
  • Search for text within compared documents.
  • Accept or reject differences when comparing Word files.
  • Export merged Word documents to a final file.
  • Export compared documents to a PDF file.

Support and Learning Resources


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