Java Document Metadata APIs

Java APIs to manipulate all popular formats meta information as well as compare, search and export metadata to specific format

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Java metadata API

GroupDocs.Metadata for Java


GroupDocs.Metadata for Java - A metadata management API for documents to create, preview, analyze, update and remove meta information from all popular file formats. Java metadata changer API gets the file as input, access the file property information and allows users to perform metadata operations for locating this specific file easily for future reference.

APIs support XMP and EXIF metadata to use it as EXIF data viewer or to store meta information in digital image formats such as JPEG/JPG, PNG, TIFF and GIF. Developers can easily perform EXIF/XMP CRUD operations of most popular formats and standards. GroupDocs.Metadata for Java API can compare metadata between different files, search metadata by specific clause and export metadata to Excel, CSV etc

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Advanced Document Metadata API Features



Multiple document and image format support


Built-in and custom metadata operations in the form key/value pairs


Retrieve and remove hidden data in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more


Import images metadata properties


Compare metadata properties in two document files


Search metadata properties in documents and images


Replaces metadata properties


Export metadata attached with supported file formats


Deals metadata associated with email messages


Support of audio and video formats


Operates ZIP archives metadata


Track changes in supported formats


Retrieve MIME type of the specific stream

Metadata operations

Built-in and custom operations in the form key/value pairs.

  • Fetch
  • Add/Update
  • Remove

API allows fetching the metadata properties of a supported document format with just a few lines of code

Fetching the metadata properties - Java

// initialize DocFormat 
DocFormat docFormat = new DocFormat("D:\\Documents\\sample.doc");
// Get document properties 
DocMetadata properties = docFormat.getDocumentProperties();

Hidden data operations

Retrieve and remove hidden data in form of

  • Microsoft Word
    • Comments
    • Hidden text
    • Merge fields
  • Microsoft Excel
    • Comments
    • Hidden sheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Comments
    • Hidden slides
  • PDF document also deals with hidden data
    • Attachments
    • Annotations
    • Bookmarks
    • Form fields

Images metadata operations

Import images metadata properties.
  • XMP Metadata formats supported
    • Images JPEG/JPG, PNG, PSD, Tiff and GIF formats
    • PDF format
  • XMP Metadata Operations
    • Add/Update
    • Remove
  • EXIF metadata formats supported
    • Images: JPEG/JPG and Tiff supported
  • EXIF metadata Operations
    • Add/Update
    • Remove
  • IPTC-IIM Metadata formats supported
    • JPEG/JPG supports IPTC-IIM metadata
  • IPTC-IIM metadata operations
    • Update
    • Remove
    • Update ApplicationRecord and EnvelopeRecord datasets of IPTC metadata

API Actions Based on Some Formats

  • Email 
    • Support reading and removing metadata from following email message formats such as Eml Message (.eml) and Outlook Email Message (.msg)
  • PSD 
    • Supports reading metadata attached with Photoshop files (.psd)
  • MS Visio Files
    • Read and update metadata features supported
  • Audio MP3 Format
    • Run time MP3 format detection
    • Read Lyrics3 tag
    • Read MPEG audio info
    • Read and update ID3v1 metadata
    • Read, update and remove ID3v2 tag
    • Export metadata to Excel and CSV
  • Audio WAV Format
    • Read Audio Info
  • Video AVI Format
    • Detect AVI Format
    • Read Header
    • Export Metadata to CSV/Excel File
    • Read/Write XMP metadata
  • Video MOV Format
    • Detect MOV Format
    • Read MOV Format Metadata
  • ZIP Format
    • Detect ZIP Format
    • Read ZIP Format Metadata

Metadata Comparison

  • Compare metadata properties in two document files
  • Returns differences that are in second file
  • Supports two comparison types
    • Difference
    • Intersection

Metadata Search

Search metadata properties in documents and images for

  • Matches
  • Contains

Metadata Replace

Replaces metadata properties in following document formats

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • PDF

Metadata Export

Export meta information attached with supported file formats to

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • DataSet

Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Metadata offers file metadata APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: