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Java document search API

GroupDocs.Search for Java


GroupDocs.Search for Java allows you to produce business applications that allow your end-users to perform search operations like never before. Our Java API enables users to operate basic to advanced level text search functions. Create and merge multiple indexes. Use Simple, Boolean, Regular Expression (Regex), Fuzzy and other types of queries to rapidly and smartly search through indexes. You can fetch your required information, from files, documents, emails, and archives, as GroupDocs.Search for Java supports all popular file formats.

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GroupDocs.Search for Java Features



Build Index on Disk or in Memory


View Index Creation & Updation Progress


Selectively Skip Indexing for Specific Files


Use List or Import to Modify Characters during Indexing


Get Replacement Characters File via Export


While Indexing Automatically Reload Index in case of Error


Index Status Notification regarding Latest Processed Files


Async Indexing in Multi-threads


Index Zip Archives


Save up Space by Compact Indexing


Fetch List of Indexed Archived Files


Document Text Extraction from Index or Source File


HTML Formatted Text Extraction to a File


Support for Regular Expression (Regex) Search


Perform Search Operations by Boolean & Fuzzy Queries


Configure Similarity Level for Fuzzy Search


Configure Fuzzy Search to Show Best Results Only


Smart Management of Typos through Fuzzy Search


Use Faceted & Boolean Search Simultaneously


Configure & Perform Synonyms Search


Use Date Range & Case Sensitivity as Search Parameters


Index Password Secured Documents & Perform Search


Index Email Messages from Outlook & Perform Search


Search & Browse Email Messages via Aspose.Email API


Notify User for Contradictory Settings


Skip Specific Words to Index Faster


Spell Check for Search Queries


Smartly Deal with Homophonic Terms


Produce URL to Navigate Search Results in HTML


Use Search Phrases with Wild Cards


Automatically Cancel Search after Specific Time


Make Single Object Tree by Combining Multiple Queries


Divide Search in Smaller Chunks to Rapidly Search Huge Indexes

Merge Multiple Indices to Improve Search Efficiency

GroupDocs.Search for Java API provides the feature to merge multiple indexes into a common index. For an index which is modified frequently, several delta indexes are created. This approach however, makes the search performance slow. GroupDocs.Search for Java overcomes this bottle-neck by creating one common index through merging various delta indexes. This common merged index contains all the information of the merged delta indexes. This approach keeps the delta indexes unchanged while remarkably improving the search efficiency. You can configure various functionalities to further tweak this process.

Recognize Search Queries of Different Keyboard Layout

GroupDocs.Search for Java recognizes search queries that do not match your keyboard layout. At the moment, 88 languages and 164 different keyboard layouts can successfully be recognized by GroupDocs.Search for Java.

Search Using Morphological Word Form

Using GroupDocs.Search for Java, you have freedom of searching for various word forms. You may search for singular and plural form of specific noun. Or you can choose to search all forms of a verb. Root, third-person singular and simple past along with various other forms can also be searched. For non English languages, you can configure customized word forms.

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GroupDocs.Search offers individual document search APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: