Java API to Render & Display Documents

API to Develop Java Applications that Natively Render, View and Manipulate, Multi-Format ‎Documents Supporting 50+ File Formats.‎

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Java Viewer API

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java


GroupDocs.Viewer for Java, set of APIs, is used to build robust Java based applications which ‎natively raster the documents and convert them into SVG+HTML+CSS and to lots of other ‎supported formats, while delivering true-text high-fidelity output. It can also render password ‎protected files. Our file viewer API solution is quite customizable, as it allows you to render whole ‎of document, or render it partially to speed up the process. Through GroupDocs.Viewer for Java ‎API, you can render specific pages, specific cell range in a spreadsheet or even render an individual ‎document layer in formats, such as, PDF and CAD. GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API allows you to ‎render documents with/without annotation or comments for supported file formats.‎

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Features



Rasterize and Convert Documents into SVG, HTML & CSS


Get HTML, Image or PDF Representation of Documents through Rendering


Cached Versions of Documents to Make Loading Time Faster


Configure Custom Font Directories


Apply Encoding Standards to Word, Excel and Email Documents


Remotely Render Documents at FTP or Cloud Storage


Remove or Keep Annotations & Comments while Rendering


Render Document Pages as Separate HTML Pages


Render Hidden Slides and Pages & Apply Page Reorder to Rendered Document


Render Range of Pages, Specific Pages or All Pages into HTML


Render Documents as Printable HTML & Customize CSS of Generated HTML


Create Responsive HTML for Some Document Formats through Rendering


Reduce Resultant File Size of Rendered HTML by Excluding Fonts


Remove Comments, Extra White-Spaces etc, to Minify Output HTML & CSS


Use Coordinates of Source Document to Read the Contained Text


Show/Hide Cell Border in Excel Sheets of the Rendered Output


Render Specific Number of Rows of Each Page in an Excel Sheet


Render Model and all Non-Empty Layouts or a Particular Layout of a CAD File


Render the Items in Outlook Data Files (OST/PST) as PDF


Tile Rendering or Render by Coordinates of CAD Documents as Image, HTML or PDF


Fetch Custom Locales from Path or Create XML File of Localized Strings

Efficient & Reliable API for Viewing Documents ‎

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API can be used to view, render and display documents of more than ‎‎50 different file formats. It is done reliably and efficiently, while keeping the content as well as the ‎structure of the document intact. Following example shows the level of ease with which ‎GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API renders a DOCX file as an image file using Java:‎

Render Document as PDF with Comments - Java

// Setup GroupDocs.Viewer Configuration
ViewerConfig config= new ViewerConfig();
//Set storage folder

// Create HTML Handler
ViewerHtmlHandler htmlHandler = new ViewerHtmlHandler(config);
String guid = "file.docx";

// Set PDF Options to Get PDF File with Comments
PdfFileOptions pdfFileOptions = new PdfFileOptions();
pdfFileOptions.setRenderComments(true); // Default value is false

// Get PDF Document with Comments
FileContainer container = htmlHandler.getPdfFile(guid, pdfFileOptions);

System.out.println("Name: " + container.getStream().available());

Perform Transformations While Rendering Documents

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API offers you with various transformation options to be applied on ‎the rendered document for a more customized view and display. You can rotate pages by ‎providing the angle. You can the order of the rendered pages. Apply specific text as watermark to ‎rendered pages or images. Through GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API, you also have the ability to ‎add custom fonts to the document being rendered.‎

Working with Email Attachments

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API lets you fetch specific or all attachments of an email. Once you get ‎the required email attachments, you can render these attached files as images or HTML ‎representation.‎

Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Viewer offers individual file viewer APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: