.NET Viewer APIs - View any document within your application

View multi format documents in HTML, image, PDF or in original format within your C#, WPF and ASP.NET applications

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.NET Document Viewer API

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET


GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a powerful file viewer API for rendering over 50 documents and image formats within your .NET applications. It rasterizes documents and images both, renders text and converts them to SVG+HTML+CSS – offering a high-fidelity true-text, native document rendering.

Using native .NET document viewer API – programmers can use set of predefined options for rendering documents as HTML5 or Image formats for the whole document, page by page or custom range of pages within their ASP.NET including MVC Pattern, VB.NET, C# and .NET applications

Advanced Document Viewer API Features



Over 50 file formats supported


View any format document in its original format or in HTML, Images or PDF format


Cache for fast loading of repetitive viewing of same file


Remove cache files feature


Rotate and reorder pages while viewing


Add watermarks


Add custom font directories in configuration


Get original files attached with emails as HTML or Image representation


Get document information such as extension, type, name, pages etc


Render API as Office Word document viewer with tracked changes


Rendering document with comments


Getting PDF without Annotations


Working with PDF layers

Quick & Reliable Document Presentation

Viewer API has the ability to quickly display different document formats with just a few lines of code. It's simple

Get Html representation of the document pages - C#

 // Set viewer configuration
ViewerConfig  config = new ViewerConfig();
config.StoragePath = @"D:\storage\"; 
 // Initailize ViewerHandler
ViewerHtmlHandler  htmlHandler = new ViewerHtmlHandler(config);
 // Get Html pages
List<PageHtml> pages = htmlHandler.GetPages("sample.docx");

Viewing document options

  • Four options to display document
    • HTML – Renders document into HTML5 by converting it to SVG+HTML+CSS
    • Images – Raster the document and convert the document pages into images form
    • PDF – Raster document to PDF Format
    • Original Format – Get document into its original format within your application
  • Cache for fast loading of repetitive viewing of the same file
    • UseCache option for repetitive viewing of the same file supports HTML image formats
  • Remove cache files feature
    • Remove all cache files
    • Remove cache files older than a time span
  • Transformation
    • Rotate pages while rendering documents
    • Reorder pages
    • Add watermark
  • Email Attachments
    • Get original files attached with emails
    • Get file attachments as HTML representation
    • Get file attachments as Image representation
  • Get document information
    • Date created
    • Document type
    • Document type format
    • Extension
    • File type
    • Guid
    • Last modification date
    • Name
    • Page count
    • Size
    • Page data
  • Encoding documents
    • Encode documents according to their desired encoding standards
    • Microsft Word
    • Excel
    • Email documents
  • Custom Input Data Handlers
    • Renders documents located at remote locations like FTP or Cloud Storage
  • Custom Fonts
    • Add custom font directories in configuration

Viewer API Installation and Usage

API can be consumed on .NET Framework starting from V2.0 and Mono Framework starting from V1.2. Viewer API files can be installed/downloaded using following smooth ways.

Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Viewer offers document viewing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: