.NET APIs to manipulate multi-document formats using HTML

Manipulate any document using HTML with or without the integration of HTML Editor within any .NET application.

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GroupDocs.Editor for .NET


GroupDocs.Editor for .NET is a powerful document editing API using HTML. API can be used with any external, opensource or paid HTML editor. Editor API will process to load documents, convert it to HTML, provide HTML to external UI and then save HTML to original document after manipulation. It can also be used to generate different Microsoft Word documents, XML, OpenDocument Formats and TXT files


Advanced GroupDocs.Editor API Features



Direct and inverse document transformation


Edit multiple document formats


Reply based comments and statuses


Optimize memory usage


PDF compliance


Apply protection to the resultant document


Storage agnostic


UI agnostic


Support for streams


Simple Flexible API


Metered licensing

Translate Document to HTML DOM & Vice Versa

GroupDocs.Editor for .NET API allows to load the document and convert it to the HTML DOM for parsing structure as well as the extraction of CSS contents. The API also allows to convert the DOM to document format.

Get HTML documnet content - C#

// Obtain document stream
Stream sourceStream = File.Open("D:\storage\sample.docx", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
using (InputHtmlDocument htmlDoc = EditorHandler.ToHtml(sourceStream))
	// Obtain HTML document content 
	string bodyContent = htmlDoc.GetContent();

Load & Extract External Resources

.NET Editor API is capable of loading the external resources attached to the HTML such as images, fonts, CSS and so on. These resources can easily be traversed and saved separately as well as along with the resultant HTML document.


Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Editor offers document Editing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: