.NET API to Edit Documents Using HTML

Develop .NET Applications, to Integrate with HTML Editor, Fetch Supported Document, Edit and Convert to Original Format.

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GroupDocs.Editor for .NET


GroupDocs.Editor for .NET API helps you to build simple and easy to use C#, ASP.NET, and other .NET applications that readily integrate with popular HTML editors (both open-source & paid) to convert, edit and manipulate documents of popular file formats. Our .NET Editor API lets you load document, convert it to HTML, push HTML to external HTML Editor, and once the manipulation is done, saves the HTML to its original file format. You can also separately fetch resources attached with any document. It works with all sorts of documents, such as that for Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenDocument, Text, Web, and more.


GroupDocs.Editor for .NET Features



Easy Integration with any HTML Editor


Convert Document to HTML DOM


Fetch HTML Content from Document Stream


Get HTML Content & its Embedded Resources


Obtain HTML Body Tag Content from Document


Get CSS Content of HTML Document


Traverse HTML Content and Save its Resources


Fetch HTML DOM from String Content & Convert to Document


HTML DOM along with Resources Conversion


Edit Documents of Various Formats in HTML


Accurate Conversion


Apply Security to Resultant Document


Paginate Word Processing Documents and Edit in Any WYSIWYG Editors


Database (DB) & User Interface (UI) Agnostic


Powerful XML Processing Features


Retrieve OTF (Open Type Fonts) from Input Documents and Export to Resultant Document


Process EMF Vector Images Internally within Supported Input Document Formats


Insert Contents of Edited Worksheet into the Original Spreadsheet on a Desired Position


Add SmartArt Elements in PowerPoint File Formats


Embed Fonts in Resultant Word Processing Document while Saving

Accurate Conversion to and from HTML DOM

GroupDocs.Editor for .NET API enables your .NET applications to fetch a document of supported format and convert it to an HTML Document Object Model (DOM) along with extraction of attached resources, such as CSS. You can then make the modifications to the HTML using your favorite HTML Editor. Once you are done with the editing, GroupDocs.Editor for .NET API allows you to accurately convert this HTML DOM back to the original file.

Obtain HTML Document with Embedded Resources - C#

// Obtain document stream
Stream sourceStream = File.Open("D:/sample.docx", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
using (InputHtmlDocument htmlDoc = EditorHandler.ToHtml(sourceStream))
//  Obtain HTML document with embedded resources
string cssContent = htmlDoc.GetEmbeddedHtml();

Load & Extract External Resources

GroupDocs.Editor for .NET API is capable of fetching the external resources attached to supported documents, such as images, fonts, CSS and more. The fetched resources can then be loaded, traversed, and saved separately from the resultant HTML document. This gives you a more easily managed output.

Apply Text Effects within Word Processing File Formats

GroupDocs document editor API enables adding complex text effects (Shadow, 3D effect, Outline, Glow, Engrave, Emboss) while working with supported Microsoft Word document processing formats. This feature is auto-enabled that can be observed when the document with such text effects is processed.

Powerful XML Manipulation Features

Using GroupDocs.Editor for .NET API you can open, view and edit XML documents. Our editing API offers special support and recoginition of XML tags, attributes along with their values, XML declarations, CDATA sections, DOCTYPE definitions, and other XML specific entities. You are able to customize font and color settings for every distinct entity in XML structure.

The XML Converter feature is smart enough to show errors in the XML file and how to fix them. The URI and email recognizer mechanism scans XML attributes and represents the detected URIs and email addresses inside the A tag as links so they can be edited as link, not as text within the resultant HTML file.


Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Editor offers document Editing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: