Java API to Combine & Split Documents

Develop high-performance apps that can combine, rip, shuffle, cut or delete pages, slides and diagrams on the go.

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Java Document Merger API

GroupDocs.Mergerfor Java


GroupDocs.Merger for Java makes you able to quickly develop top-line business applications in Java. With little coding your Java applications can merge, rip, shuffle, cut and delete single page or batch of pages, slides and diagrams. Merging operations can also be performed on secure files of known and unknown format by applying or removing password protection.

GroupDocs.Merger for Java Features



Merge various pages, slides & diagrams into a single file


Rip & split huge documents into multiple smaller files


Shuffle & reorganize pages, slides or diagrams


Exchange & swap two pages, slides or diagrams among each other within a document


Cut & trim document by removing specific pages, slides or diagrams


Delete single or collection of pages, slides or diagrams


Stitch & merge together a large number of documents in batches


Programmatically check in Java if a document is secured with a password


Set, reset and delete password of known & unknown document formats


Split One Text File to Multiple by Line Numbers


Get Image Representation of Document Pages


Merge Multiple Documents of Different Formats to a Single PDF File


Insert OLE Objects into PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Open Document Formats


Programmatically Attach Files to A PDF Document


Add Document to Diagram via OLE Objects

Remove Desired Pages from Documents

GroupDocs.Merger for Java API lets you select and delete unwanted pages from your document.

Check Password of Unknown Document Format

Even if the format of a particular document is unknown, GroupDocs.Merger for Java enables you to check & retrieve document password, if available.

Join Password-Protected Documents of Known Formats

GroupDocs.Merger for Java API allows you to get a list of documents of known and unknown formats. Following example shows, how you can do it for known file formats, using Java:

Join Password-Protected Documents of Known Formats - Java

String password = "SomePasswordString";
InputStream documentExample1 = new FileInputStream("sourceFile.docx");
InputStream documentExample2 = new FileInputStream("sourceFile2.docx");
List documentStreams = new ArrayList();
JoinItem item1 = new JoinItem(documentExample1, FileFormat.Pdf, password);
JoinItem item2 = new JoinItem(documentExample2, FileFormat.Pdf, password);

Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Merger offers document merging APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: