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Automate your e-signatures - Add text, image and digital signatures to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents in Java apps

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Java eSignature API

GroupDocs.Signature for Java


GroupDocs.Signature for Java APIs allows developers to embed electronic signing into any mobile, tablet or web application or more. It supports text, image or digital signatures for various file formats. Using digital signatures, Java e-signing API permits users to authenticate and sign documents using passwords and digital certificates.

GroupDocs.Signature for Java is a UI-less developer-friendly eSign API that fits into any personal, business or password protected document workflows. API not only makes digital signatures easy but also ensures text and digital signature verifications for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents.


Advanced Java eSignature API Features



Upload, type or draw signatures


REST API solution so integrated on desktop, mobile and web


Interface independent: can be used as back end independently


Multiple supported document formats


Multiple template elements formatting support


Multiple signature types and properties


Text verification for all document types


Digital signature verifications for all types


Changing output save format support


Change, add or remove passwords


Image manipulating effects on signature


Generate text as image and apply image filters


Setup signature on arbitrary pages like first, last, even, odd etc


Different Image Appearance to apply transparency, borders, etc


Manipulate signature margins


Different measure units support like pixels, percents, millimeters


Watermark: Add text as watermark to output document for Text Signature of any type


Metered licensing


Sign documents with QR-Code and barcode


Obtain signing and verification progress


Obtain digital signatures from documents and system


Search & encode custom object to QR-Code signature


Standard QRCode embedded classes VCard, Email

Multiple Signature Types

  • Text

Add text signature - Java

 // setup Signature configuration
SignatureConfig signConfig= new SignatureConfig();
 // Initailize the signature handler
SignatureHandler<String> handler = new SignatureHandler<String>(signConfig);
// setup text signature options
PdfSignTextOptions signOptions = new PdfSignTextOptions("John Smith"); 
final SaveOptions saveOptions = new SaveOptions();
 // sign document
String signedPath = handler.<String> sign(CommonUtilities.getStoragePath(fileName), signOptions, saveOptions);
  • Image
  • Digital
  • QR-Code
  • Barcode
  • Stamp

Common Text, Image and Digital Signature Properties

  • Document page number
  • Height
  • Left
  • Sign all pages
  • Top
  • Width
  • TEXT only for Text and Image properties

Specific Digital Signature Properties

  • Digital certificate
  • Document page number
  • Horizontal alignment
  • Image file name
  • Image stream
  • Password
  • Rectangle
  • Signature
  • Vertical alignment
  • Visible

Support and Learning Resources


GroupDocs.Signature offers individual electronically document signing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: