Java API to Manage Digital Signatures

‎Manage eSignature of Image, QR-Code, Barcode, Metadata, Text & Stamp Types in Java Applications for Signing Images & Digital Document File Formats.‎

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GroupDocs.Signature for Java API helps you develop Java applications with electronic signatures functionality to sign digital documents of supported formats without installing any external software. It supports manipulation and management of various types of eSignatures such as Image, Barcode, QR-Code, Stamp, Text, Optical and Metadata. All your electronic business documents like Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, images, & PDF files can be digitally signed by customizing signature properties e.g. shadow, dimensions, alignment and more as per your requirements. The digital signature library is simple and lightweight, consisting of a single DLL file that can be integrated easily within new or an existing Java application.

Through GroupDocs.Signature for Java API you can load all registered certificates from system, or locate existing signatures using simple and advanced search. The options to work with password protected documents, specifying common signature properties (text size, opacity, rotation, verification, font properties, color options, page number, width, top, left etc) and support of implementing different eSignature types make it a reliable e-Signatures management solution for digital documents.

GroupDocs.Signature for Java is compatible with all Java versions and supports popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) that are capable to run Java runtime

GroupDocs.Signature for Java Features

Create, Read, Modify, Hide and Delete e-Signatures from Supported Document Formats

Access to be Signed Document from Stream, Relative Path or Absolute Path

Apply Text Signature to Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Images & PDF Files

Add Text Signature as Annotation, Sticker, Image to PDF Files also Configure Style & Color

Sign PDF Document, Image File and Get Output in Different File Format

Digitally Sign Images with Text Signature as Watermark & Add Transparency, Rotation to eSignature

Search Certificates & Sign Microsoft Word, Excel, & PDF Documents with Digital Certificates

Sign Word Processing Document Formats with Native Text Watermarks‎

Use QR-Code, Barcode to Sign Word, Slide, Cell, PDF & Image Files

Configure & Apply Stamp Signatures to Secure Supported File Formats

Setup and Assign Image Signatures to Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Images & PDF Files

Configure Signature Properties, e.g., Look and Feel, Margins, Alignment etc.

Apply Digital Signature to Password Protected Document

Perform Text Verification of PDF Documents using the Signature Handler

Digital Verification of Word, Cell, PDF Documents with .CER, and .PFX Certificate Containers

Specify Different Measure Unit Types (e.g. Millimeters, Pixels etc.) for PDF Text Signatures

Obtain Document Information via File or URL – Add Form Field Signatures to PDF Documents

Add Custom Data Object, Embedded VCard, Email, EPC, MeCard or Event Object to QR-Code

Apply Different Brush Styles to Signatures, e.g., Gradient, Radial, Solid, and Texture Brush

Sign Document Located at FTP or Azure Cloud Storage

Set Text Alignment inside Shapes for Documents, Slides, Images & PDF Files

Search, Verify and Digitally Sign PowerPoint Presentation Documents

Place Signature using Pixels in Cell Documents & Text Positioning for Stamp Signatures

Implement Rectangle Stamp Signature with Rounded Corners

Extend Barcode & QR-Code Signatures with Image Data Content

Add Encrypted Metadata Signatures while Working with Signing & Searching Options

Embed Custom Objects to Metadata Signatures within Word, Excel and Presentations

Easily Configure & Apply eSignatures

GroupDocs.Signature for Java API enables to configure and add eSignatures to supported document formats. Following is a code example that shows how simple it is to apply a text signature to a PDF file:‎

Signature signature = new Signature("sample.pdf");

TextSignOptions options = new TextSignOptions("John Smith");
// set signature position

// set signature rectangle

// set text color and Font
SignatureFont signatureFont = new SignatureFont();
signatureFont.setFamilyName("Comic Sans MS");

// sign document to file
signature.sign("sample_signed.pdf", options);

Supported Barcode Encoding Types for eSignature

Using GroupDocs.Signature for Java API you can apply barcode and QR-code Signatures to supported file formats. GroupDocs.Signature for Java supports a huge range of barcode encoding types to cater to most requirements. The supported barcode encoding types include, Code 11, Code 128, Code 16K/32, Databar codes, GS1 Codeblock, ISBN, ISMN, ISSN, ITF16, Pdf147, EAN8, EAN13, EAN14, UPCA, UPCE, ITF14, Code39 Standard, and Code39 Extended.

Similarly GroupDocs.Signature for Java API allows you to use QR-code types, such as, QR, Aztec, and Data Matrix. Supported QR-Code encoding types include, Aztec, DataMatrix, GS1 DataMatrix, and GS1 QR.

Search Signatures & Certificates

Through GroupDocs.Signature for Java API, you can search QR-Code and Barcode signatures in any document, presentation, spreadsheet, image, as well as PDF file, and fetch the search result. You can also search custom data object from documents signed with QR-Code Signature as well as Search Standard VCard and Email Object from Documents Signed with QR-Code. Verifying encrypted text of QR-Code signatures as well as searching for metadata signature in PDF ‎documents is also supported. Apply additional search criteria for digital signatures of Words & Cells ‎Documents.

Search option is also avaialble for metadata signature for word documents, slides and spreadsheets, while form-field search is avaialble for PDF documents.

Configure eSignature Properties

To enhance the UX of end-users GroupDocs.Signature for Java API provides a lot of properties that can be configured pretty easily. You can set font and color options (Background Color, Foreground Color, Bold, Italic, Underline, Font Family, Font Size etc.), Background and Border Options (Background Color, Background Transparency, Border Color, Border Dash Style, Border Weight, Border Transparency etc.), Signature Margins (Left, Top, Width, Height, Padding etc.), and Setup Image Signature Area & Signature Alignment (Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment etc.).

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Signature offers document viewing APIs for other popular development environments

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