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Build Document Automation Applications to Fetch Data; put it in Customizable Templates & Generate Dynamic Reports via Java API.

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GroupDocs.Assembly for Java API helps you rapidly develop document automation and reporting applications in Java to generate custom reports from templates without installing any external software. The report generation engine fetches data from the template document, assembles it and generates reports in the specified output format according to the defined syntax. It allows you to configure and insert formatting properties of template elements dynamically and supports various data sources (JSON, XML, OData, databases, CSV, spreadsheet as table of data, word processing table as table of data and databases) to retrieve data from.

The document assembly library recognizes multiple document formats and allows you to create templates in all supported file types such as PDF, HTML, Outlook email, Microsoft Office Word, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and text. It supports LINQ-based template syntax and users can also configure and insert formatting properties of template elements dynamically.

GroupDocs.Assembly for Java is easy to integrate with new or existing java applications. It is highly compatible with all Java versions and supports popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) that are capable to run Java runtime.

GroupDocs.Assembly for Java Features

Adjust Image in Textbox of Word, Excel, Presentations & Emails while Preserving the Image Ratio

Use Formulae & Perform Sequential Data Operations - Apply Formula during Spreadsheet Assembly

Apply Upper, Lower, Capital, FirstCap Formatting to Strings in Template Syntax

Template Syntax support Formatting of Ordinal, Cardinal, Alphabetic Numeric Nature

Support Template Documents with Custom Variables & Text Comments within Template Syntax Tags

Dynamically Insert Out Document Content in Report

Dynamically Configure Background Color of HTML Documents & Generate Barcode in Reports

Dynamically Insert Hyperlinks in Reports & Apply Attributes to Email Message Body

Dynamically Attach Email Attachments and Update Fields during Word Processing Document Assembly

Support of NEXT Field Analogue of Microsoft Word

Dynamically Add Links and Bookmarks to Document Formats and Name the Cell Ranges of Excel Spreadsheets

Loading & Saving Assembled POT & OTP Presentation Document Formats

Template Formatting for Numeric, Text, Image, Date-Time, Chart Elements

Dynamically Insert images & documents from Base64-encoded bytes

LINQ-Based Template Syntax

Change Format of Assembled File using Explicit Specifications or File Extension

Ordered List Supported for Markdown - Save Newly Assembled Emails & Word Documents to Markdown

Generate Various Report Types, e.g., Charts, Image, Tables, Lists and more

Inline Template Syntax Errors in Generated Documents instead of Exception Throwing

Dynamically Restart A Numbered List in Word Documents as well as Emails with HTML & RTF Bodies

Support of Tables, Autolinks, Inline Links and Images for Assembled Markdown Documents

Dynamically Generate Barcodes (GS1-128 AI 8102 Coupon Extended and UPCA & GS1 Databar Coupon

Load Template Documents from HTML with Resources and Save Assembled Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Emails to HTML with Resources

Manipulate Template Elements

Manipulate numerous template elements with GroupDocs.Assembly for Java API. The template elements that you can work with include, text blocks, Images, Hyperlinks, HTML blocks, Barcodes (via Barcode fonts), and Charts. You can also apply repeated blocks & conditional blocks for list items and table rows. Dynamic merging of table cells holding the same text, based on template expressions for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and emails with HTML and RTF bodies.

Manipulate List Reports

Using GroupDocs.Assembly for Java API, supports following types of List Reports:

  • Bulleted List
  • Numbered List
  • Colored Numbered List

Manipulate Chart Reports

GroupDocs.Assembly for Java supports following type of Chart Reports:

  • Bubble Chart, which displays three dimensions of data
  • Column Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Chart
  • Series Chart (Colored)

Manipulate Table Reports

GroupDocs.Assembly for Java supports following types of Table Reports:

  • Master-Detail Table
  • Table with Highlighted Rows
  • Table with Alternate Content
  • Table with Filtering, Grouping, and Ordering

You can also use Data Bands in table rows.

Manipulate Chart Reports

Integration of GroupDocs.Assembly for Java API with your Java application is like a breeze. What follows is an example block of code that generates report in OpenDocument format using Java:

// Instantiate DocumentAssembler class
DocumentAssembler assembler = new DocumentAssembler();
//Call AssembleDocument to generate report
assembler.assembleDocument("D:\\WordTemplates\\Nested External Document.docx", "D:\\WordReports\\Nested External Document.docx", 
new DataSourceInfo( new DataStorage(), null));
//(See new DataStorage() method details at

Support and Learning Resources

GroupDocs.Assembly offers document viewing APIs for other popular development environments

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